This is Cosette and, yes, she was named after the little girl in Le' Miserables. One cold afternoon (and it does get cold in Idaho) she and her brother, Oliver (yes, named after a Dickens orphan) were abandoned by their feral-cat mother who was busy rescuing her other three kittens of the litter when she had inadvertently been discovered under the cover, in the front seat of our horse-drawn carriage we had stored up on the back porch, in October of 2009. Mama headed to the barn with the other three, but never came back for Oliver and Cosette, so we took them in and bottle fed for about a month and a half. Cosette is very independent and a little skittish around strangers, while Oliver is just big, dumb, and happy all the time and around anyone. He does like to chase the other cats and I don't think he knows that he is the biggest of all his siblings. Sonny and Samantha have grown and are the 'outside' cats from the litter. Cocoa got hijacked when the Ex packed up and left. I do miss the cat.

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